All Week Long Lunch

This weekend I enrolled in Kendall Culinary School’s “boot camp” and I learned a ton of cool cooking stuff – BUT I got even more intel on what 20 Something’s are looking for when it comes to their daily habits.

NEWS FLASH: 20 Something’s make or break everything (notice I capitalized “something’s” cause they are everything)- so I borderline question-raped these poor three girls and dove in head first- asking questions about their dating life:

Where do singles go… what they like to look at on-line… and what they would actually watch/read when it comes to cooking?!?

According to my new bff’s* – they want recipes that will last all week- not rocket science – BUT they also want the stuff to taste good and be semi healthy…and cost efficient.

*BFF’s- I’m sure they were trying to shake the “old gurl” all day long- but that didn’t stop me trying to fit in. 

This post is dedicated to any lady or dude who’s so busy that making food seems like death- but spending $$ is even more brutal.

I challenge you to take a rotisserie chicken and make it last Mon-Wed. (cause the weekends are meant for eatin’ and weekends start on thursday/thurs night, am I wrong?!).


Cheesy  Enchiladas (with chicken)


Cheater Chicken Noodle Soup


Mamma Zink’s Chicken Pot Puff Pie


If you still have left over chicken- make chicken salad sandos (a little mayo, dijon mustard, salt, pepper and a toasted bagel *in the toaster oven* with some cheddar cheese is beyond )- BOO YA GRANDMA.

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