Who is The Wifey?

Welcome to The Wifey Kitchen: a safe-zone of step by step recipes that will make anyone fall in love with you. This blog, paired with The Wifey Kitchen YouTube Channel will make cooking a snap.

Am I a professional Chef? No.

Could I scramble an egg 4 years ago? No.

Did I fall in love and teach myself to cook for the guy who’s now my husband? YES.

This blog isn’t for just ladies- it’s for anyone who wants to be able to spread love thru food. I don’t care if you’re ; gay, confused, a giraffe, cooking for your kiddos, trying to impress the in-laws or just treatin’ yo self- everyone is invited to get WIFE’ED UP.

Who am I? I’m Kelli Zink Levy- I’ve worked in Entertainment and Sports TV for over 15 years and now I’m livin’ the dream and sharing from my kitchen. We have two adorable French Bulldogs who will act as my sous chefs- they are cheap labor, fantastic taste testers and will work for scraps.

Let’s have some fun with food, ok?


4 thoughts on “Who is The Wifey?

  1. KZ- I’m dying over this site. I especially love how clean the background is— I’m sure it’s by-design, but this makes the recipes easy to read from your iPad or laptop sitting on the counter. Love you wifey! Keep up the amazing work.


  2. Hello Ms Levy
    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to FOODYTV. We are an exciting new 24 hour 7 day a week culinary network. We have seen your work and would love to have you come aboard. With our network you would have exclusive rights to your show. All advertising income would be yours and yours alone. Visit our website foodytv.com to see some of the shows we have launching this fall. Feel free to touch base with me and we can schedule a time to answer all your questions.
    Best Regards
    Paul Sanzi
    Vice President Programming
    310 734 6388


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