Bikini Poppers- Wifey Style

Remember years ago when the South Beach Diet was all the rage and those egg bakes were super popular??

Well, the Wifey is bringing ’em back- thanks to a reminder from my Brother in law Andy (yes Andy AGAIN- what can I say- he’s an eggcellent cook) (hee hee)


The beauty of these little poppers is that you can realize personalize them. For example:

Andy uses eggs , mine call for egg substitute. Andy adds peppers and other veggies, mine simply call for cheese.

You can add meat, various veggies- whatever you want. I’m keeping it basic and I’ll let you build if you like.

And while we’re using this baking method, I’m also going to show you how to make my version of the “egg” in the egg mcmuffin- Mc’D’s style.

The best part about both of these is that they are low carb and you can freeze and reheat for breakfast all week long. AND these are the perfect pool/beach party snacks to throw into the cooler…they energize without weighing down your bikini style.

Ready? Let’s get Wife’ed Up!

What You Need/Grocery List :


  • a carton of egg substitute and or eggs
  • a container of crumbled goat cheese
  • a bag of Mexican blend cheese
  • PAM spray or butter
  • salt and pepper
  • a muffin baking tin- I use the¬†disposable kind
  • something to pop the eggs out with- I think above is a frosting spreader… real technical , I know.

What To Do: 

  • pre heat your oven to 350
  • spray the muffin pan with PAM or grease with butter
  • pour equal amounts of egg mix into each muffin area- NOT all the way to the top – it will expand when it bakes
  • sprinkle goat cheese equally into each area, it will sink and mix
  • sprinkle Mexican blend on top
  • IF USING EGG- crack open and pour entire egg, unmixed into area
see how fluffy!?

see how fluffy!?

  • salt and pepper
  • bake around 20 mins

Ronald called- he wants the Wifey’s recipe!

  • serve with toast, english muffins, salsa/guac/sour cream or simply eat on it’s own and ENJOY!



(Not) Risky Biscuit Breakfast Sandos

I LOVE breakfast, but sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to get up and hit the drive thru.

These (not) Risky Biscuit Sandos are simple, quick and taste almost as good as the golden arches. Plus- it’s always fun to dance around in a Men’s dress shirt circa Tom Cruise, right??


What You Need:

  • pre made biscuits from the refrigerated area of the super market
  • two slices of American cheese, but any cheese will work
  • two eggs
  • thick ham steak, bacon (turkey & veggie also work) or sausage patty (If You Want)
  • hash browns – from the refrigerated area or potatoes that go in the oven
  • a bit of oil
  • rooster sauce
  • salt & pepper
  • butter
  • orange juice, milk or any beverage. Bonus points for champagne & OJ combo
  • paper towels
  • a small skillet or two
  • cookie or baking sheet (non stick)
  • plate, napkin, fork, spatula, glass
  • an oven or toaster oven
  • lots of love

Step By Step (oo baby):

  • LAY OUT ALL OF YOUR INGREDIENTS- I can not stress how important timing is for this one
  • pre heat your oven to 325 degrees
  • if you’re making your hash browns in a pan then pour a little oil and heat on low. dump the bag of potatoes into the skillet and flatten them down into a giant patty, cover with a lid
  • once the oven is hot- slide in the biscuits and set a timer on your i phone
  • now you have a few moments to really get set up, get your cheese slices ready and if you’re using meat – check timing on package. Get that out and put the meat on the plate. Make sure your paper towels are ready for blotting
  • when your biscuits are 10 mins from being done, heat other skillet on low. flip hash browns and re cover them
  • crack two eggs and let them sit in the lightly coated pan, if they don’t look “perfect”- move them around with your spatula to “shape” them. Don’t touch or move them otherwise, until they start to crackle in the pan.
  • Pull two biscuits out of the oven, slice in half and place cheese slices on each. Put back in the oven for 1-2mins. Watch the cheese for bubbling/burning.
  • Pop the meat (if you’re using it) into the microwave.
  • Pour the oj or make the mimosa
  • Flip the eggs. (For eggs over medium- cook eggs until the yolks are almost all pale, with a little dark still in there). Take the meat out and blot on paper towel. Pull biscuits out of the oven. Turn the heat off under the hash browns
  • place the biscuits on the plate and on the dry half, drizzle a small amount of rooster or other hot sauce. then layer with one egg on top
  • Take a small scoop of hash browns and lay them over the cheese side, top that with the meat- if using
  • put another scoop of hash browns on the side of the plate and drizzle with rooster sauce (make a heart or smiley face if you’re feelin’ it).
  • sprinkle each half with salt and pepper then close it up and serve
  • accept kisses and lots of love all day!

Watch me make it step by step: