Happy Gifting =’s Happy Wifey

Fra la la la laaaa!

Let’s be honest, finding the perfect gift is crazy stressful- especially if you wait till the last minute.

Before you reach for that pre-boxed generic gift (I mean think about it, would you EVER buy that in June!?)- check out some gifts that I think will bring a huge smile to any Wifey’s* face.

*reminder: Wifey is not literal, it’s a term for someone you really care about


Kitchen I Pad Stand – $15.99. Alex got me one of these a while back, because I was getting food in his new laptop, and let me tell you – it’s a DREAM. Following recipes has never been so easy- or clean.

Customized Apron– $21.95. Add a photo of your pet or kids or an inside joke or something they always say while in the kitchen and this is a slam dunk.

Make Your Own Baby Food Kit– $69.99. Tired of hearing about how your family should be making your own baby food? This kit is an excuse-free way to start.

A Kick Ass Real Chefs Knife– $89.99. Every home Chef needs a real 8′ inch knife, and this one has been recommended to me several times by actual Chefs.

Sea Salt Sampler Kit– $32.00. Not only do these look pretty when set out in small salt cups, but they allow endless experimentation.

Coffee Mug Warmer– $9.99. What?! Genius! Does your honey drink their joe while getting ready in the bathroom? Have them plug this in next to their hair dryer for a warm and happy Wifey.

Jonathan Adler Salt and Pepper Shakers– $48. My guess is that if your Wifey likes to cook, they also love to entertain. Choose the set that most reflects your love.

And remember- creativity is key. When they cook is there something they always say they wish they had or needed? Just because it’s not glamourous doesn’t mean they won’t love it.

Happy Gifting!

xoxo- The Wifey

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