Why Make It When You Can Bake It

Making your own cauliflower crust pizza is extremely gratifying and totally something to brag to friends about – not that I would know, since that’s a challenge I’m just not ready to tackle yet.

THANKFULLY- I don’t have to and I still get my pizza fix.


A lot of health food tastes like total crap, even to someone like me who spent years eating it and has tricked their tastebuds for the most part. But not these little pizzas from heaven, they are truly magical.

I found them at my local Plum Market, which is a bit of a specialty store, but I’m sure you can find them on-line as well.

Here’s the real kicker: each pizza has only 57 calories!! And you can eat the WHOLE BOX for 150 calories!! No one is getting full on one of these little guys, but after eating three, I was completely full.

Plus they are gluten free- so even your pickiest eaters will dive right in…well, unless they are dairy free or raw and then…you’re on your own.


Wifey Bars

My name is Kelli Zink Levy…and I’m addicted…to Lara Bars.

It’s true, I’m obsessed with nearly every flavor (minus the minty one) and how well these little healthy bars travel along in my purse or pocket.

Just last week I whipped one out at Soho House while having drinks with friends including Marshall Faulk & Cam from Modern Family- but that’s a story for another time.

In true Wifey form, I read the simple list of Lara Bar ingredients and decided I could make my own version. My first few attempts landed me with the Zexy Mamma Bars, but now with a few tweaks, I’ve come up with my most genius version yet.


Oh, and BTW- these are NO BAKE! That’s right, all you do is blend ’em and they are good to go.

Ready to try ’em? Let’s get Wife’d Up!

Wifey Bars

What You Need/Grocery List: 


  • dried pitted dates- if you can only find them with the pits in – that’s fine- you’ll just have to remove them. You’ll need about  cup
  • 1/2 cup dried oats
  • 1/3 cup walnuts
  • 1/3 cup almonds
  • 1/3 cup honey- I use Manuka honey for the added health benefits
  • 1/2 cup raw almond butter (you can also use peanut, cashew, etc)
  • a blender (or not and they will be chunkier)
  • mini foil baking pans or non stick plastic muffin sheets
  • plastic wrap or zip lock baggies

What To Do: 

  • dump the dates, oats, almonds and walnuts into your blender
  • put your honey and almond butter into a small bowl and microwave until both are soft. start with about 20 seconds, stir and continue- but make sure the ingredients don’t burn
  • transfer the hot mix to the blender
  • mix and stir, stir and blend until it all looks the same. if you like yours chunkier, that’s cool too- I prefer to blend mine a bit
  • lay a sheet of plastic wrap down and lay a layer of the mix, spreading evenly and covering with plastic again. Watch the video for the demo of the ziplock baggies too. Or simply dump even spoonfuls into the muffin tins – no plastic needed
  • pop into the freezer for 20 mins and “set”
  • if using the pan, cut into bars…eat and enjoy!


I love giving these away as little gifts. I’ve given them to; book club girls, friends who are always on the go, and for thank you gifts.

Feel free to add your twist on them and throw in whatever ingredients YOU and your people love!


Mamma Zink’s Chicken Pot Pastry Puffs

Last week I was trying to come up with dinner based on the random things we had in the house and all of a sudden it struck me- Puff Pastry Chicken!

Growing up I LOVED this dish and couldn’t wait to help my mom make it*.

*hid in my room and/or watched TV

But I did love to eat it and at the time it all seemed so complicated- until I called her and she gave me her confession- this is the easiest recipe ever!

It can be made with almost any frozen (or fresh) veggies you’re trying to get rid of, and you can health it up or make it like Mom did.

What You Need:

COST: around $15- and you can make this more than once or save and reheat leftovers

COST: around $15- and you can make this more than once or save and reheat leftovers

  • Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry Shells – you can find them in the desert section of your grocer’s freezer, usually near the Cool Whip- 4 feed two
  • a rotisserie chicken from your grocer- you’ll use about a breast and a leg’s worth to feed two
  • a bag of frozen corn- 1 cup feeds two
  • a bag of frozen peas- 1 cup feeds two
  • a small jar of pimentos- use about 2 tbsp
  • about two tbsp diced white onion
  • 2tbsp olive oil
  • a can of Cream of Chicken- use fat free if you wish OR a jar of chicken gravy

What To Do:

  • pre heat your oven to 425 degrees
  • put your 2 tbsp olive oil in a pot and turn heat to medium
  • add your 2 tbsp of onion to the oil and turn to low- let “brown”- aka, stir until they are tan- NOT burnt
  • once oven is heated- place 4 puff pastry shells on a non stick cooking sheet into the oven for 12-15 mins
they look so sad, but not for long!

they look so sad, but not for long!

  • add your cream of chicken soup (about a can), either 1/2 cup of milk or 1/4 cup water, frozen peas, frozen corn and pimento to the pot with the onions and stir to combine over medium heat. *if you’re using gravy instead- skip the water or milk and pour the jar in solo*


I use a spatula to stir, a spoon also works

I use a spatula to stir, a spoon also works

  • pull with a fork about a breast and leg of chicken off your chicken and pull into chunks , add to pot with the rest of the magic and stir to combine. Test a pea or piece of corn- when they are thawed and warm, it’s ready.
  • add salt and pepper to taste
  • when your shells are JUST starting to puff and turn a little brown- pull them out. Use a fork to pull out the tops and raw middle and flip them so the cap is on the bottom and pop them back in the oven for about 5 mins or until they look toasted.
  • dump your “pot pie” mix into the shells and dump a little extra on the plate for dipping, serve and accept hugs/praise the Wifey’s Mom!
YUM- the messier the better- I promise.

YUM- the messier the better- I promise.

Watch the step by step (ooo baby) here!: